Besides our UV Tanning and Sunless options, some of our studios offer a Wellness program. Protecting your skin and maintaining it's beauty is important, and our wellness options can help! We offer a variety of services that are not tanning related. These can be used by themselves or in conjunction with our other services. 

Red Light Therapy

Skin care is important! Red Light Therapy (Photo Rejuvenation) is a natural and safe method to increase production of collagen in your skin. Red light can help reduce acne, wrinkles, age spots, broken capillaries and help rejuvenate your skin from sun damage. We also recommend using red light therapy before your tanning session to help increase your tanning experience. There is NO UV light associated with red light therapy so you can use our red light therapy and a tanning bed all in the same day!


Recommended therapy schedule:

3-4 days per week, for 4-6 weeks.