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We are committed to helping you feel good and look great. Whether you're looking to maintain a glow year round, get ready for vacation or just looking to get your dose of Vitamin D - WE GOT YOU. Our friendly Consultants are here to help figure out what options would work best for you. 



Perfect way to build a base tan. Start with these base beds to build your melanin production - give you that base glow.

Upgrade from our Silver Level. Get faster results and maintain your glow with these high intensity sunbeds. 

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The best in tanning technology. Achieve that deep, dark bronzed look quicker then the other levels. 


We recommend using our indoor tanning lotion with every visit. Our lotion is there to protect your skin and also increase your ability to tan. Tanning can cause the skin to break down and dry up. Lotion is there to replenish those vitamins and nutrients back in to your skin during each tanning session. 


We always want our clients to understand the importance of safety when it comes to tanning. Listen to our Tanning Consultants about recommended tanning times and what level might be best for you. Even the slightest sunburn can damage your skin. Always remember to wear your eyewear & protect your skin with Tanning Lotion!

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