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Our tanning levels are based off bed intensity. Each category can provide something different. We have six levels of tanning beds, all of them suited to building your tan quickly. As the levels increase, so does the intensity and quickness of the beds.


We have beds with UVB rays, UVA rays and beds that have a combination. UVB rays are going to help stimulate the melanin in your skin so you can tan better. This rays is going to tan the first layer of skin more so then the other layers, so it will fade a little quicker if you don't maintain your tan. UVA rays help penetrate into the deeper layers of your skin. Their main purpose is to darken your tan and give you that bronzed beautiful color.  Come check out one of our studios and see which category is right for you. 


Perfect way to build a base tan. Start with these base beds to build your melanin production - give you that base glow. The Level 1/2 beds have more UVB rays which boost melanin production. Going on a tropical vacation? These beds are perfect to help prepare your skin for the intense sunrays.


These are more high intensive, which means they get hotter and you don't have tan as frequently to maintain your color. These beds are an upgrade from the Silver Level. They have more UVA rays, which penetrate a little deeper giving your skin a nice glow that will last longer. These beds will give you a faster, darker tan compared to lower level beds.

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High pressure tanning is the latest technology where one tan in a high pressure bed is equivalent to 4-6 tans in a base bed. High pressure beds produce almost 100% UVA rays which makes it exclusive for all skin types. These beds are great if you are needing a quick tan or if you wanted to darken your current tan.


We always want our clients to understand the importance of safety when it comes to tanning. Listen to our Tanning Consultants about recommended tanning times and what level might be best for you. Even the slightest sunburn can damage your skin. Always remember to wear your eyewear & protect your skin with Tanning Lotion!


We recommend using our indoor tanning lotion with every visit. Our lotion is there to protect your skin and also increase your ability to tan. Tanning can cause the skin to break down and dry up. Lotion is there to replenish those vitamins and nutrients back in to your skin during each tanning session.