What are UVB & UVA rays?

A tanning bulb comes with UVB and/or UVA rays. UVB rays are the rays that are more like the sun. They are the rays that can burn you if you're not careful. UVB rays help increase the melanin in your skin when you tan. UVA rays are all about "darkening" they help turn the melanin in your skin brown. UVA rays are non-burning rays. You can see how a combination of both rays will actually tan you much better versus using one over the other.

What is the difference between the tanning levels (Silver, Gold, Platinum)?

Each level provides a different amount of UVB rays versus UVA rays. Our SILVER level is your typical low pressure tanning bed. These beds have the lowest wattage bulbs (UVB rays only) in order to give you a nice base tan. They help prepare your skin to tan better. As you go up in level, the UVA rays become greater. The GOLD level is a nice combination of SILVER and PLATINUM. They are high intensive, which means they get hotter and have a high wattage bulb (mixture of UVB & UVA rays). These beds will give you a darker, quicker tan in less time compared to the SILVER level. The highest level is the PLATINUM level. This level is all about that high pressure tan. With mostly all UVA rays, this level will give you the most color! It's main job is to darker the melanin in your skin, giving you a rich, dark bronzed glow. 

When should I use the PLATINUM high pressure beds?

Our high-pressure beds will help accelerate your tanning. You can use these to help jump start your tanning or to incorporate with the other levels in order to get a nice dark, deep tan. One session in our PLATINUM level is equivalent to 4-6 tans in a SILVER level. You will get the darkest color with the PLATINUM level beds. They will not only help your tan last longer, but being mostly UVA - you will not burn as easily in them. 

Do I have to use tanning lotion?

Did you know that when you don't use tanning lotion during your session, the tanning process tales 7-10 minutes to start?  When you use indoor tanning lotion that process turns into 30 seconds! Lotion helps protect your skin and repair any damage that the tanning process might leave. Our quality lotion products will help increase your tanning sessions and give you a better tan overall. When you tan without tanning lotion, you skin will reflect light and you will probably only get 50% out of your tanning session. So why not get the most out of your sessions and help protect your skin at the same time? It's a win, win!

I've been tanning for a little bit but I'm not getting any color?

If at any time you stop noticing a difference in your skin color while tanning, you have probably hit a plateau. In this case we recommend switching to a different level and/or changing up your tanning lotion.


Can I share my tanning packages?

Unfortunately, we do not offer the ability to share any tanning packages/monthly unlimited/membership.

How long are my tanning packages good for? 

When you purchase a 30-day pass, it will start the day you purchase it and go 30 consecutive days. The VIP Membership goes month-to-month until you decide to freeze or cancel. Tanning session packages are good for one year from the purchase date. NOTE: There are certain occasions we offer monthly specials that might have different expiration dates - they will be posted if the expiration dates differ from our policy above. 

What's the difference between a monthly unlimited and VIP membership?

A monthly unlimited is 30 days of unlimited tanning. This is level specific meaning you cannot upgrade or downgrade for a discount price. After the 30 days it will expire. A VIP offers more discounts. Its an unlimited option that you pay for monthly. Its great if you want take advantage of using the different levels. The VIP will continue until you chose to cancel or freeze the membership. It's not only the cheaper option but will give you the most perks!


When can I upgrade/downgrade my VIP membership?

GOOD NEWS - you can upgrade either a single session at a discount price or for an entire month at ANY time. Downgrades can only be done after the first months initial draw. 

Help, I need to cancel my VIP membership!

Did you know we offer a freeze option for your VIP membership? By freezing your account, you will not have to pay the enrollment fee to join back and it's only $3 per month to have it froze - for up to 6 months. The last day to freeze or cancel your membership is 1 day before your draw date. You may cancel or freeze your membership in person or click the link and you can email your request.

I'm interested in a spray tan, what do I need to do?

We have a list of tips listed on this website under the SERVICES section. Take a look at those!

What is the difference between a hand-airbrush and the Versa Spa?

The versa spa is the spray tan machine. It's quick, private and there is no appointment required. We charge $30 for a single session and offer two color options along with 3 level options. You will be "freckled" the first day before you shower. Once you shower, those freckles will disappear. These tans are not necessarily the best for a special event just because we cannot guarantee overall coverage. Spray tans will usually last 5-7 days. The hand airbrush is a lot more detailed and tailored to each person's needs. There are many color options and you will get a more precise overall color. You do not have to worry about looking like you just got a spray tan - you will not be "freckled". This option is $40 per session and we do require appointments.